Slua Event Safety Consultancy was set up in 2017 by Joanne Moore and Peter Jordan, combining over 50 years' experience in the events sector between them. Work to date has been within corporate, festival and cultural events across scales of 15 to 50,000 capacity events and large-scale urban installations.

  • Event pre-planning and design advice
  • Design event planning safety management
  • Site drawings and layout
  • Risk assessment
  • Capacity analysis
  • Event licensing (inc. alcohol licensing) and management planning
  • Event management plan
  • Liaise with all statutory agencies (An Garda Síochana, Fire Department and City Councils / Local Authorities)
  • Crowd flow analysis
  • Queuing analysis
  • Table top planning exercises, scenario planning event emergency plan preparation
  • Method statements and risk assessments
  • Onsite event management
  • Indoor outdoors green spaces parades
  • Event control and safety officer personnel
  • Safety policy and auditing.
  • Guidance and policy development.
  • Business continuity and strategic risk management

COVID-19 Pandemic Work

From the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Slua has worked with many organisations and sector representative groups that are most affected by those working in these environments. Our work has included, drafting practical and policy documents for Theatre forum, The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Screen Ireland.

Slua are uniquely placed to advise on what is possible, and how to do it safely. Work completed to date as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic has covered various areas of risk management, including organisational strategic risk mitigation and business continuity. Work during the pandemic has also led to the development of sectoral specific operational guidance documentation for getting people back to work and creating safe places of assembly.

Our work involved reviewing the developing national and international best practice and ensuring guidance satisfied current Irish public health guidance and occupational safety legislation.